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From the Pitch to Parliament: Soccer Stars Turned Politicians




The world of soccer has long been celebrated for its ability to transcend boundaries and unite people from diverse backgrounds. In recent years, this beautiful game has witnessed a unique phenomenon where some of its iconic stars have transitioned from the pitch to the political arena. These soccer stars turned politicians bring their passion, leadership, and global influence to serve their countries in a different capacities.

1. The Power of Sporting Influence

Soccer, as the world’s most popular sport, commands an unparalleled global following. With millions of fans hanging on their every move, soccer stars often wield significant influence on and off the field. Recognizing the potential to make a difference beyond sports, some players have chosen to leverage their fame and platform to pursue political careers.

2. The Transition: From Scoring Goals to Formulating Policies

For soccer stars turned politicians, the transition from the pitch to Parliament is not always straightforward. It requires a shift in focus from athletic achievements to understanding complex political issues and formulating policies that address the needs of the people. However, the leadership skills, discipline, and teamwork ingrained in these athletes during their playing careers often prove invaluable in navigating the challenges of the political landscape.

3. Gianni Infantino: Leading FIFA and Global Football

One notable example of a soccer star turned politician is Gianni Infantino. The former UEFA official and lawyer took over the reins of FIFA, the world’s governing body for soccer, in 2016. As FIFA President, Infantino has been instrumental in implementing reforms and promoting transparency within the organization. His background in sports administration and law has provided a strong foundation for his leadership role in global football politics.

4. Romário: Scoring Goals for Social Change

Romário, the Brazilian football legend known for his goal-scoring prowess, made a remarkable transition to Brazilian politics. Serving as a senator in Brazil, Romário has focused his efforts on championing social causes, particularly advocating for the rights of people with disabilities. His dedication to improving the lives of his fellow citizens showcases the positive impact soccer stars can have when they enter the political arena.

5. Megan Rapinoe: Using the Spotlight to Drive Change

Megan Rapinoe, the captain of the United States women’s national soccer team, is renowned not only for her on-field skills but also for her fearless advocacy for social justice and equality. As an openly gay athlete, Rapinoe has used her platform to speak out against discrimination and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Her passionate activism has inspired many and underscores the potential of soccer stars to influence political discourse.

6. George Weah: From World-Class Striker to President

George Weah, the former Liberian soccer sensation, is a trailblazing example of a soccer star’s foray into politics. After his illustrious soccer career, which included winning FIFA’s World Player of the Year award, Weah entered politics and eventually became the President of Liberia in 2018. His journey from a humble background to the country’s highest office has been an inspiration to many, showing that sports icons can become agents of positive change in their nations.

7. Politics on the Field: Athletic Activism

Before transitioning to politics formally, many soccer stars have used their visibility to engage in athletic activism. They have raised their voices against racial injustice, poverty, and inequality, amplifying social issues through symbolic gestures like taking a knee or using their goal celebrations to make powerful statements. This form of advocacy has been instrumental in shaping public discourse and highlighting the potential for soccer stars to drive change beyond the sports arena.

The convergence of soccer and politics is a testament to the potential of sports figures to make a lasting impact on society. Soccer stars turned politicians bring their passion, dedication, and leadership skills to the political landscape, aiming to serve their countries and drive positive change. Their journeys from the pitch to Parliament showcase the transformative power of sports and the potential for athletic influence to extend far beyond the boundaries of the game. As these icons continue to inspire both on and off the field, their stories serve as a reminder of the profound difference that soccer stars can make in shaping the political landscape for the better.

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Healthcare: A Right, Not A Privilege





According to the World Health Organization and the Physicians for a National Health Program, the United States spends twice as much per capita on healthcare compared to other countries such as Canada, Britain & Germany, who have universal healthcare. It is currently considered a privilege in the U.S., not a right.

Those that support the healthcare initiative believe that it should be a right to have affordable, quality healthcare instead of just a privilege.

A barrage of opposition (rationing, government interference, economic recession, cannot afford to make universal healthcare a reality) has been negatively affecting the potential of the reform. The reform will continue to push through until everyone has affordable, quality health insurance. I support Obama’s reform because 47 million Americans can no longer afford health insurance, the constitutional right that they deserve.

The healthcare system in the United States, a private system (HMOs, PPOs, etc.) fails to provide these Americans with quality care. Even working, middle-class families who have health insurance, where both parents have a stable income struggle to pay for it. Or they have to risk losing their homes because their providers might bail out on them when in the time of need.

“Holly trips over a hole in the ground and falls down and screams. I whirl around and she’s crying, her face turning from pale-white to crimson. ‘Something snapped’, she sobs. ‘I heard it snap’. I helped her up, ordered Marge, who’s been standing there with her mouth hanging open, to take her other arm. “We’ve got to get you to an emergency room.” I say. ‘get x-rayed right away.’ But all she’ll consent to is calling Ted from the next house.” (Barbara Ehrenreich, Nickel and Dimed)

Enrenreich’s experience illustrates that in order for the working class poor to “get by” they often must choose to delay the care they need. In 2016, about 1.5 million American families filed for bankruptcy, half of it due to the inability to pay their medical bills. The U.S. spends 31% of medical expenses on administrative costs, compared to Canada’s 16.7% administrative costs.

And I’m not taking into account other aspects of health care like mental disorders or addiction where people need programs and doctors long term, finding a good detox program is tough to begin with, affording it is even tougher.

Although in the last couple of decades, we have observed many potential solutions to this growing problem healthcare reform did not occur. To make matters worse, premiums soared and coverages were reduced. If the private system lacks the ability to cover the millions of uninsured Americans, then the time to change to something more efficient and effective has arrived.

Britian spends on average $2,992 per capita. France’s healthcare system, social insurance, provides insurance to all legal residences. The government regulates the budget and the salaries for the hospitals. France spends on average $3,601 per capita. Not to mention that these countries have a longer life expectancy than those of us who live in the U.S.

To Americans who are unfamiliar with the healthcare system in the U.S. (the HMO), this system allows healthcare providers to charge premiums for health insurance. The healthcare provider decides whether or not they should cover your condition. And often times, these health insurance providers bail out on their customers. And with the new Trump laws concerning health care, it makes it even tougher to sue any insurance company, even when it is obvious there is fraud going on. Take the on going case for Greenfield filters, the case is still in court after years of battles.

Over the last few years, insurance companies tripled their profit and the U.S. ended up spending $7,290 per capita. If we spend twice as much per capita than any other country, why not make universal healthcare a reality?

Everyone has a right to healthcare, especially in the respectable democracy we live in. Due to the recession, many Americans become one of the 47 million uninsured. These citizens need quality and affordable healthcare the most. The U.S. can afford it especially when we spend twice as much per capita and providers tripled their profit in the last couple of years. By making universal healthcare happen, there would be less bankruptcy, a better economy and everyone would be better off.

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How you can Obtain Medical health insurance




How you can Obtain Medical health insurance

Due diligence ought to be paid before you decide to buy medical health insurance premiums if perhaps to make certain that you tend to be obtaining insurance you really require. Health insurance coverage in California isn’t inexpensive even though you are some of those fortunate enough to become included within group medical health insurance. Those who’ve to purchase medical health insurance for people will trust this.

There tend to be various factors that you need to think about before you decide to acquire medical health insurance in Ca so that you can to arrived at an smart choice before you decide to sign the actual premium. Here are some of all of them:

Check out your alternatives

For whatever you know, you just could possibly purchase insurance via a group medical health insurance that is a lot cheaper compared to individual medical health insurance. So for those who have a work, you better consider your options together with your employer first before you decide to buy medical health insurance individually. If you’re not used, then make a summary of the best five insurance firms and checklist their benefits to determine if your requirements match the insurance costs each carrier is providing.


While you should look at its price before you decide to buy medical health insurance, you will be wise to think about the coverage you’re purchasing for your price. What exactly are your needs considering your own family’s track record and your individual health difficulties? If you believe too much concerning the cost then you definitely possibly is going to be buying a relatively inexpensive insurance that doesn’t respond for your healthcare requirements. It can also be ideal to think about your existing and long term plans like using a family possibly. If such may be the case then you should look at a higher-priced an insurance policy that can give maternity coverage whenever you buy medical health insurance.


You will find insurance companies that provide almost exactly the same coverage from different costs. Other wellness options, however, have greater costs given that they list down a number of health insurances that could not fit your requirements at just about all, making all of them impractical. You’ll be able to come through quotes with regard to healthcare packages before you decide to purchase medical health insurance even sans dedication. With minimum research, you’ll understand that insurance providers offer insurance coverage with minor differences within cost however with almost exactly the same coverage.


Once you’ve shortlisted the insurance providers that fulfill your health care requirements, evaluate their cost, coverage along with other stipulations. Ensure you go over the small print of the actual contract before you decide to agree to prevent unpleasant surprises when it’s time to pay your own premium or when it’s time to utilize the particular insurance you requested. When within doubt regarding certain procedures, make certain you explain this together with your insurance broker or lawyer before you decide to buy wellness plans.

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