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Fix error code 0x80004005



Fix error code 0x80004005

Every day thousands of users meet the 0x80004005 error, but not all of them are able to resolve it successfully. This article will go through this error and gives effective solutions.

Error code appears when your Windows is not configured correctly or some important system files are corrupted or missing. This error usually occurs especially when computer is not well maintained and it should be fixed as soon as possible so that no further damage can be done to operating system. You can’t deny that your computer is free of problem once you encounter the error, which means system can go wrong at any time and files may get lost due to the unfixed problem.

In most cases where you come across the error code 0x80004005 is caused by missing or corrupt DLL files or corrupt registry. But it can be caused by other reasons such as virus, third-party antivirus software, etc. The following section lists common solutions:

Method 1: Fix registry errors

Step 1: Open Command Prompt. Click Start button and type cmd in the search box. Right click cmd in the result list and select Run as administrative.

Step 2: Now the Command Prompt pops up. Type regsvr32 MyComobject.dll in it and press Enter key from keyboard.

*If again the error “The module MyComobject.dll failed to load.” appears, then “download MyComobject.dll file from the internet and try the above steps again.

Method 2: Scan for virus

For some cases, the error is triggered by virus infection or malware damage. It’s a nice try to remove then as soon as you can. Run your antivirus software or enable firewall to detect virus and malware.

Method 3: Disable scrip blocking feature of third-party antivirus software

If there is no virus on your computer and you still can’t get rid of the error, you can try disabling the script blocking feature in antivirus software. However, the detailed steps differ from software to software, if you are not sure how to operate, you can contact tech-support of the antivirus installed on your computer.

Since this error can happens to different situations, there is not a single solution that can deal with all these problems. For example, it can appear when install or activate Windows XP, add Bluetooth device to Windows-based computer, run virtual machine, work with MS Outlook, install Windows 10 updates, etc.

Note: If critical files get lost due to unfixed error, you can use free data recovery software to get back data first before trying any solutions above.

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Data About Security Cameras




Data About Security Cameras

As wrongdoing and robbery with organizations keep on getting more grounded and more grounded, the requirement for security increments also. Despite the fact that security faculty is an absolute necessity have, organizations need one more type of safety that isn’t very as recognizable. Hoodlums can detect a person without an issue, which is the place where surveillance cameras become an integral factor.

Surveillance cameras are extremely well known nowadays, coming in many shapes and sizes. The wired sorts can fit in speakers, timekeepers, and even smoke alarms. The remote sorts then again are undeniably more adaptable and can be set almost anyplace. Remote security frameworks are an incredible expansion to any home or business, as they can be set in regions that a cheat wouldn’t even start to presume.

For the home or business, Internet remote surveillance cameras are an extraordinary method for checking distant video. The framework camera will move signals through a LAN connector or remote organization onto a particular IP (Internet Protocol) address. This can be an incredible method for watching out for your property while you are on an extended get-away or away. There are some Internet frameworks that will caution you through email assuming there is any discovery in development.

The cameras that work with home observation frameworks are power-driven, regularly by 9-volt batteries, giving as long as 10 hours of energy. They are extremely strong cameras, as even the smallest measure of development will enact the movement sensors in the cameras. When the camera has been set off, it will quickly begin recording video, taking pictures, or moving the live video feed to another PC.

There are advanced surveillance cameras also. Despite the fact that they are more modest in size, they can in any case record video for an extensive stretch of time. They are so well known these days because of the way that the video or pictures that are put away on them can be saved and altered on a PC. Advanced surveillance cameras likewise kill the requirements for recording tapes also, which can occupy a great deal of room and aren’t extremely ok for keeping in regions with high temperatures. Advanced surveillance cameras store the data inside their memory, which will assist you with staying aware of the photos and video feed.

Surveillance cameras have been around for a long time, acquiring their standing and notoriety with organizations. As years went by and they turned out to be more reasonable individuals started to involve them in their homes. A surveillance camera at home can be an extraordinary method for shielding yourself from robbers and break-ins, watching out for the sitter, or simply screening things while you are away. Surveillance cameras are truly reasonable and they can without much of a stretch give the inner harmony in realizing that your house is safeguarded regardless of where you go.

LOTO Station is basically a lockout/Tagout system. Their main purpose is to provide a set of procedures or systems that can help ensure workplace safety and can lessen the frequency of workplace injuries. This should be installed at every workplace if we mean to attain any reliable sense of security.

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Why are so many professions behind the times in the computer age?




Computer Age

I am curious why, in this computer age, so many professions are behind the times. And who pays for their stone age processes? We, the consumers, do! For example, you go to the doctor’s office. What’s the first thing you do? You have to fill out a ton of forms. Now he sends you to a specialist. What’s the first thing you do? Fill out a ton of forms. Now he sends you to yet another place to get blood work or an X-Ray. What’s the first thing you do? Fill out a ton of forms. And what do you notice about all of these forms? They may all look slightly different, but the information that they ask you to provide is the same. Since we actually live in the 21st century, not the 1950′s, you would think that all of these forms could be placed on a central database that all doctors can access so that we, the customers, only have to fill out one set of forms, not 50. That may seem like an exaggeration, but that depends on your health issues and how many different doctor’s you need to visit. Let me ask you, when you’re sick, are you in the mood to fill out forms before seeing the doctor? I don’t think so.

And doctor’s aren’t the only ones behind the times. Try going around to different car dealers shopping for the best deal. Each car dealer will ask you to fill out forms before they give you their final price. These too could be placed on a central database, so that all car dealers could access them. This is what I would call customer service. If you are afraid of identity theft, what is worse, trying to keep up security on 50 computer systems or one? By having to enter your information on many different systems, in my opinion, the chance of one of those systems being behind on their security updates is far greater than if your information was stored on one system, such as a central healthcare database.

I know this is a radical idea for many, but I believe it would save time, probably money and the security of your important personal data could be better managed.

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Epic Games store free games list; according to the report




Epic Games store free games list
(Photo: Epic Games)

According to our information, the Epic Games store free games list was leaked at the beginning of this month, and According to the report

A Report says

The one who leaked the the Epic games free games list but he/she didn’t revealed the the source but the list was having around 20 games that are going to be free for one day on Epic Games Store.

The list of the games

  • “Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty” (Dec. 18)
  • Cities: Skylines” (Dec. 17)
  • “The Long Dark” (Dec. 19)
  • “Alien: Isolation” (Dec. 21)
  • “Defense Grid: The Awakening” (Dec. 20)

one more thing wasa shocking that the leaker leaked these games with there dates too.

According to IBTimes Epic games doesn’t release the games free on the same days or the dates leaked by the leaker. This proved that these games are going to be free this month and it’s confirmed.

GameRant Said: “Going 5 for 5 means that the rest of the leaked Epic Games Store free games list is likely accurate, and so fans should know what games to look forward to next,”

Here is another list of the games gonna be free if we believe that these leaks are gonna be really 100% accurate.

Another List of Epic Games

  • “Jurassic World: Evolution” – Dec. 31
  • “Torchlight II” – Dec. 30
  • “Solitairica” – Dec. 29
  • “Stranded Deep” – Dec. 28
  • “Night in the Woods” – Dec. 27
  • “My Time in Portia” – Dec. 26
  • “Darkest Dungeon” – Dec. 25
  • “Inside” – Dec. 24
  • “Metro 2033 Redux” – Dec. 22
  • “Tropico 5” – Dec. 23

Here is the Tweet of leaked games and it is still of worth!

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