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Everything You Need to Know About Zack Snyder



Screen Writer

Zachary Edward Snyder is an American director, producer and screen writer. He is known around the world for his superb directing talents. His first feature film as a director was Dawn of the Dead (2004) and after that he started making better and better films. He mostly directs fantasy movies like he has directed a number of comic book and super hero films. His films have won many awards and have been huge box office successes.

Zack Snyder Age

Snyder was born on March 1, 1966 in Wisconsin, US. He is 55 years old.

Zack Snyder Net- Worth

Zack has a net- worth of $60 million. He owes it all to his successful directing career.

Zack Snyder Family

Snyder’s first marriage was with Denise Weber. After divorce he married Deborah Johnson in 2004. Zack has 8 children. 3 sons and 5 daughters.

Zack Snyder Movies

Zach has directed some very fine movies. Some of them include 300 (2006), Justice League (2017), Batman vs Superman (2016), Man of Steel (2013), Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Wonder Woman (2017), Army of the Dead (2021) among others.

Some Other Questions Frequently Asked About Zack are:

1. What else did Zack Snyder direct?

He has directed number of films beside Justice League like Watchmen (2009), Dawn of the Dead (2004), 300 (2009) and many more.

2. Why is Zack Snyder famous?

He has led a diverse career among zombies, super heroes etc. But he is widely known for his work within the DC world.

3. How old was Autumn Snyder when she died?

She was 20 years old when she committed suicide.

4. Is Zack Snyder Catholic?

Zach Snyder grew up in a religious household.

5. Why did Zack Snyder daughter commit?

Although Snyder family has remained quiet about the cause of suicide but we know for a fact that depression was a major reason.

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Facts about “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, Billboard Black Label Society




Ten years on from the onstage murder that killed Pantera legendary “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, Billboard spoke to the guitarist’s family, loved ones, family members and other rock stars about the hole the shredder’s death has caused in the world of metal and their lives. In this article, Black Label Society leader and former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde recalls the fun-loving personality of his friend.


See the most recent videos, charts, AND NEWS

“Dimebag” Darrell Tribute: View the entire coverage

You first saw Dimebag in the Castle Donington Monsters of Rock festival in 1994, don’t you think?

Yeah, I first met Dime at Donington. The headliner was Pantera and then Extreme and finally Aerosmith. I was joking around with”Extreme guitarist” Nuno Bettencourtand he was like, “Are you gonna be doing the death-metal version of ‘More Than Words’ today?” We were all laughing up!

Pantera’s live show is unbeatable by any other live show. The sheer power that radiated from the stage was astonishing, it actually was hilarious! It’s like hearing people talk about having seen Van Halen back in the past such as the ’78 and ’79 years ago and Led Zeppelinat the Fillmore when they first made their debut. It was a bit ridiculous, as in, “Oh my God!! !” You knew that you were watching history unfold and that these musicians were unique. The sheer power emanating from onto the stage and also the musical talent as well. It was something like Van Halen on steroids.

What would you say about Dime as an individual?

If he did not play the guitar but he’d still be among your most cherished acquaintances, simply because he was such a sweet person. He was genuinely happy as Blutarsky from Animal House; it was possible to have the worst day ever and then Dime would come into the room, and the party began! [Laughs.] He would always say, “I ain’t got time to be depressed — let’s have a good time!” He was The Rat Pack all in one man He had Dean, Frank, Sammy and the entire Rat Pack in one human being! [Laughs.]

Did you notice any difference between the Dimebag you saw on stage as opposed to the Dimebag you had as a friend?

None. The clothes he wore the moment he woke up were the same clothes he wore to the stage with. [Laughs.] Why you bother changing? This will only increase the your time waiting in line!

Black Label Society Lands First No. 1 Position on Top Rock Albums Chart

What you are waiting for?

get you classy Black Label Society Black Leather Vest right now from Marvel Jacket

What was it about Dimebag’s play that made him stand out?

He was as revolutionary with his riffs , as Black Sabbath guitarist[Black Sabbath guitarist] Tony Iommi was with his riffsand he was the designer of the model for this particular style of music.

I’m always saying I always say that Pantera was one of the Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath of this style of music -as well as The Beatles and the Stones from the time. It’s not even a debate! You have great bands , and then there are bands that transformed the game. Every band that has followed — such as Meshuggah as well as Lamb of God — have a model to follow. it all is Pantera. In terms of production, you can utilize the Pantera records as the basis for a Model-T Ford for extreme metal.

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Mr. Miyagi | The Karate Kid




Martial Arts Skills

Those who know the Karate Kid movie series are well introduced with Mr. Miyagi. He is a fictional character in the film series. His role is to mentor the main characters in the films. This martial art focused movie is very highly regarded among the critics. Miyagi trains Daniel San and Julie Pierce in the movie. He is a source of inspiration for many and his quotes are very highly regarded till now.

Mr. Miyagi Quotes

Mr. Miyagi became the father everyone wished they had, and his beautiful outlook on life in his thoughtful quotes wholly sums up his character. This is wisdom for the ages, all centered around the concept of finding balance in life, and striving to maintain it despite the hardships. We have compiled some of his best quotes for you.

  • “If Come from Inside You, Always Right One.”
  • “You Trust the Quality of What You Know, Not Quantity.”
  • “One-To-One Problem, yes. Five-To-One Problem, Too Much Ask Anyone.”
  • “To Make Honey, Young Bee Need Young Flower, Not Old Prune.”
  • “If Karate Used Defend Honor, Defend Life, Karate Mean Something. If Karate Used Defend Plastic Metal Trophy, Karate No Mean Nothing.”
  • “First Learn Stand, Then Learn Fly. Nature Rule, Daniel-San, Not Mine.”
  • “Man Who Catch Fly With Chopstick, Accomplish Anything.”
  • “… Sometimes What Heart Know, Head Forget.”
  • “Daniel-San, You Look Revenge That Way, You Start by Digging Two Grave.”
  • “When You Feel Life Out of Focus, Always Return to Basic of Life.”
  • “Here Are Two Rules of Miyagi-Ryu Karate. Rule Number One: Karate for Defense Only. Rule Number 2 – First Learn Rule Number One!”
  • “It’s Okay to Lose to Opponent! Must Not Lose to Fear!”
  • “Not Matter Who’s Stronger. Matter Who’s Smarter!”
  • “Never Put Passion in Front of Principle. Even If You Win, You Lose.”
  • “For Man with No Forgiveness in Heart, Life Worse Punishment Than Death.”
  • “No Such Thing as Bad Student, Only Bad Teacher. Teacher Say, Student Do.”
  • “Walk On Road, Hmmm? Walk Left Side, Safe. Walk Right Side, Safe. Walk Middle, Sooner or Later… Get Squish Just Like Grape!”
  • “Karate Here [Touches Head]. Karate Here [Touches Heart]. Karate Never Here [Touches Gut]! Understand?”
  • “Lesson Not Just Karate Only. Lesson For Whole Life! Whole Life Have a Balance, Everything Be Better.”
  • “Inside You Have Strong Root. No Need Nothing Except What Inside You to Grow.”

Mr. Miyagi Bonsai Quote

His quote about bonsai tree when he was trimming it is very important to note.

“Ah. Only root karate come from Miyagi. Just like bonsai choose own way grow because root strong you choose own way do karate same reason.”

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Neymar | A Brazilian Professional Footballer




Famous Footballer

His full name is Neymar de Silva Santos Junior but he goes by Neymar. He is a world- famous football player who plays for Brazil National team. He also plays for Ligue 1 club Paris SG.  He started playing for Santos FC at age of 17. Neymar has won numerous awards and distinctions. He is regarded as among the best players of the world.

Neymar Net- Worth

Neymar is a world class player. His top status has made him $180 million.

Neymar Birthday

His birth date is 5 February 1992. He is 29 years old. Neymar was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Neymar Wife

Neymar is not married. Recently he was seen with Brazilian model Mari Tavares. Nothing is confirmed yet though.

Neymar International Goals

Neymar has gone on to record 69 goals in 113 international appearances, making him the country’s second all-time top scorer behind Pelé; he surpassed Ronaldo’s total of 62 goals with a hat-trick in a 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Some Other Questions Asked About Neymar are:

1. How old was Neymar when he joined PSG?

Neymar debuted from PSG at age of 17.

2. What language does Neymar speak?

Neymar speaks Spanish and Portuguese.

3. What Neymar said about Messi?

Neymar has said that Messi is the best player he has ever seen play and he is a good friend.

What is Neymar known for?

Brazilian football player Neymar is known for his status of the most prolific scorers in his country’s storied football history.

4. What is Neymar salary?

Neymar is among the highest paid players of the world. As of 2021 his salary is $37 million Eur.

5. What’s wrong with Neymar’s wrist?

Neymar fractured a bone in his left wrist for which he was sidelined for few.

6. What does Neymar do for fun?

He said he prefers to watch movies, play video games or spend some time with his four year old son David Lucca.

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